Technology is a strong element in our modern world. Strong because it affects practically every aspect of your lives. If you know how to use technology to your advantage, you’ll enjoy every single bit of it. However, technology also has a negative side – a scary one at that.

There are a lot of online pirates and scammers on the Internet. These individuals make it their life mission to make other people’s lives miserable. They scam small websites, major sites, bloggers, social media pages, and emails, among many others. If you’ve been working hard trying to build a good website for your business – say for example a supplements website – you know how terrible you’ll feel if you find out your site’s security has been compromised.

The beauty of technology, however, is that it can create solutions to its own problems. As such, you’ll worry a little and then go on your way to find solutions to make sure your website’s security is safe. Of course, everything starts in your own backyard, so the first thing that you need to do is improve your database and web security. Just like the health risks of many supplements, online risks do not give any warnings. Here are five tips that you can take advantage of.

1. Regularly Update Your Software

Update is an important word when it comes to online and database security. Your system may have the right security software, but it’s going to be useless if it is not updated regularly. A lot of websites and databases get compromised because of this, and it’s supposed to be a simple task. Every time a new CMS version or plugin comes out, you should immediately update your website. Online pirates and hackers are quite advanced in their technology, so you should never underestimate them. Sometimes, they’re even way ahead in the game. So never let your guard down.

2. Make Sure You Choose Unique Passwords

Passwords. Here we go again. The importance of choosing the right and unique password is reiterated time and again. As previously mentioned, hackers use advanced technology, so they know how to get into your system by getting through your password. It doesn’t matter if you’re using figures and text that hold a special personal meaning to you, these hackers can still grab your password and penetrate into your system. The solution to this, again, is to choose unique, complex, and unusual passwords. Combining (uppercase and lowercase) letters with special characters and numbers is one of the best ways to do this.

3. A Secure Host

If you want to feel comfortably safe for a reason, choose a reliable web hosting company, one that assures 150% security. A secure web host has the necessary elements needed to keep your website and databases safe from online infiltrators. Also, you need a host that offers 24/7 technical support as this will come in useful when you need assistance even in the middle of the night. Finally, you need to make sure that the host you choose offers data backup service, so you can still recover and restore your files if ever your website and databases are compromised.

4. Go for a Clean, Clutter-Free Website & Databases

Your website and databases should be clean and clutter-free. If there are files that are no longer useful for you, delete them. If you no longer need a database, remove it from your system. The magic words here are structure and organization. The more organized your website and database structure is, the better for you to find files that are useless. Cleaning and keeping your website and databases clutter-free also means you have to make sure your site is not vulnerable to security threats. Therefore, you need to regularly perform security scans, especially after you add or update website components. You’ll find a lot of free tools for this task online.

5. Encryption is the Key

One of the best things you can do for your website is to secure the login page. To do this, all you need to do is make use of SSL encryption so that the information users will type in will be sent securely. This is especially important if you want to secure all private, personal, and sensitive data like social security numbers, credit card details, and bank account information. If your login page is encrypted, hackers will not be able to infiltrate your site and steal all the sensitive data it contains. Encryption should always be one of your priorities when creating a website.